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posted by: Merril Bourne
April 09, 2003

Descendants of John Bell

1 John Bell
b: 1792 in South Lynn, Norfolk, England
m: Susan Mary -- d: bef. 1825 in ? Malta
m: Charlotte Williams (2nd wife), Aug 13, 1825, of St. Stephen, Bristol, UK.

2 Thomas William Bell
b: March 18, 1819 in Malta,
d: December 03, 1877 in Dumphries Estate,Carriacou,West Indies
m: Jane Sherwood - Dec 21, 1852, d: abt. 1867 in Grenada, West Indies
m: Margaret Jane Wilson (2nd wife), Dec 24, 1867. d: Bef. Dec 1877

2 John Bell
b: abt. 1824
d: Oct 31, 1860, Tigre Rebellion in Abyssinia
m: Waisero Warknesh, Abyssinia

2 Susan Bell
b: abt. 1814
m: John Joseph McDowall, January 23, 1841 in Malta
    (son of David Keay McDowall & Barbara see below).
d: December 25, 1843 in Malta.


Descendants of David Keay McDowall

1 David Keay McDowall
m: Barbara - 1835 d: January 07, 1835 in Malta
d: May 26, 1843 in Strada San Ursola, Malta ( 40 yrs in Malta)

2 John Joseph McDowall
b: abt. 1814
d: December 25, 1843 in Malta
m: Susan Bell (see above)

3 Charlotte Barbara McDowall
b: October 15, 1841 Malta

3 John Miller McDowall
b: November 03, 1843 Malta

2 Alexander David McDowall
b: August 19, 1819

2 George Vernon McDowall
b: January 24, 1821
d: March 21, 1855 (of McDowall & Sons, Ship Chandlers)

AZZOPARDI     as well as

posted by: Jenina Halitsky
March 30, 2005

I thought I would post my Family Names in Malta in hopes that I may be able to locate some family both past and present.

I have dates (some birth/marriage/death dates) that I can share if the names and locations match up. I am looking for descendants of any of the following or any information on these individuals. I have listed the last names, first names and in brackets the area they were married or born in:

AZZOPARDI: Vincentino (Valletta), Paulo (Zebbuge), Giovanna (Valletta), Gaudenzio (Zebbug), Gaetano (Sliema and Valletta), Angelo (Zejtun)
BORG: Clara (Zejtun)
BONNICI: Iris (Valletta), Rogatino (Valletta), Luigi (Zeitun), Giovanni (Zejtun), Michelangelo (Zejtun), Lorenzo (Matrice, Gozo), Giuseppe (Qormi)
CAMENZULI: Annuziata (Velletta), Michele (Velletta)
CARUANA: Evangelista (Zejtun), Andrea (Zejtun)
CAUCHI: Maria (Attard)
COPPOLA: Anna (Valletta)
FARRUGIA: Maria (Velletta), Catarina (Zejtun), Maria (Zejtun)
GALEA: Francesca (Zejtun), Aloisio (Zejtun)
MERCIECA: Caterina (Matrice, Gozo)
SALIBA: Therese (Matrice, Gozo), Michele (Matrice, Gozo)
SEICHEL: Maria (Zejtun), Giuseppe (Zejtun)
VELLA: Consolata (Valletta), Carmelo

Jenina Halitsky
Michigan, USA

Additional Notes from

  1. 'Paulo' may be substituted by 'Paolo',
  2. 'Zebbuge' by 'Zebbug' and pls note that there are two such locations on the Maltese Islands;
    Haz-Zebbug on Malta and Zebbug on Gozo, and
  3. 'Zeitun' by 'Zejtun', the latter being the correct/ modern spelling.

  4. 'Luigi' and 'Aloisio' may be interchangeable
  5. 'Catarina' may be found as 'Katarina', 'Katrin', or 'Caterina'
  6. 'Matrice' on Gozo implies the capital, i.e. 'Rabat'/'Victoria', possibly even the Gozo Cathedral within the Citadel. 2002-2005