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posted by: Rosalind Smeeton
April 05, 2003

I am looking for any information on my Grandfather, Edgar Percy SMEETON.

He served on Submarines and the Home Fleet. He was stationed in Malta. Married Adelaide Jenny PITTET in Valetta, June 2nd. 1913.

My Father, Robert Henry was born in Senglea. May 1914. They came to England when he was 11. There were two daughters born - both sadly died. 1st Melita Aline, and second Melita Aline Mary. Both buried in the Naval cemetery on Malta.

Witnesses at my Grandparents wedding were Robert DUNLOP ( I think his wife was named Aline ??) and Robert Charles BATES.

Hope to hear from someone regarding this family.

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posted by: Mike Taylor
November 04, 2004

My wife, on her mother's side is from Maltese extraction, the family name being PSAILA.   Her great grandfather emigrated to Egypt in the 1860's and along with other Maltese emigrants set up a thriving community in Alexandria.   Her mother married a British army officer in Cairo in 1948 and the family came back to the U.K. in 1952.   My mother-law's family also re-settled in the U.K. but have since spread further across to Australia and Canada.

During our visit [to Malta] last week we were told by one of our guides that there was a poet with the name Psaila or a Monsignor Psaila, who lived on Malta and that he'd had a book of poetry published in English translation.   Unfortunately, it was at the end of our stay and we didn't have much time to investigate. We would be very grateful if you could supply whatever information you have about the name and/or the poet or Monsignor.

Thanking you for any help you are able to supply and thank you for this most superb website.

Please visit our pages dedicated to and featuring Dun Karm Psaila, Malta's national poet: 2002-2005