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Submitting Information about: COYNE, James Leonard
aka: Len or Lennie
(b:19?? – d:2000)

Lennie Coyne,
submitter's grandfather

Nationality: British
Years of Service: 1941 -- 1944
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery,
194/ 65th Light AA Regt
Rank: Gunner (Army No: 1631661)
Stationed at: Valletta (prob.)
Posted by
(and date):
Paul McCormick (03-Feb-2004)
( )
Submitter's Comments:

My grandfather was stationed in Malta and when I was a young boy he used to tell me stories about all the wonderful Maltese people he met when he was over there during WW2... obviously he didn't go into too much detail as I was only young but his stories used to fascinate me and I would listen to him for hours.

Unfortunately he passed away maybe 5 years ago now and my mother inherited some of his belongings... My mother passed away 2 years ago and some of her belongings, which I inherited, included some of my grandfather's stuff and now -- as an adult -- I find myself engrossed in his time in Malta and would like to try and find out more about his time there as I really had little understanding of the hardship suffered by the people there during WW2, but I have very little to go on and would appreciate it if you could maybe post what little details I have on your website and maybe I may get a reply ?

Paul McCormick
Lennie's Grandson

Seeking Comrades: CURRIE William (Willie, Bill)  Patrick
(b: 1919 – d:1987)
Nationality: Scottish
Years of Service at Malta: believed ca.1939 – 1943
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at:
Manoel Island (Marsamxett Harbour)
Posted by (and date): Gez Currie his son (16-Feb-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

My father died when I was 15 and I am now 31 and have become interested in tracing his war service.

He was on an Artillery Battery, I think, on Manoel Island in Valletta Harbour and I would like information from anyone who served with him, not just in Malta but also the rest of Europe. I think he was there from late 1939 to about 1943. Thank you.


Seeking Comrades: GILI Raphael
Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service at Malta: 1943 – 1946
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery, Territorial Force (from 23.Aug.1943)
King's Own Malta Regiment (from 17.Mar.1945)
Malta Pioneer Corps (from 25.May.1945 to 28.Aug.1946)
Rank: Private (Army No: 42954)
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Paul Gili his son (13-March-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

Cause of discharge: Class 'A' Release, military conduct excellent.

You may ask, where did I get all this information from?   Anyone who visits your site and would like to get more information about their relatives who served in Malta should do as I did. Write to:

Ministry of Defence
Bourne Avenue,
Middlesex UB3 1RF
Tel: 01-573 3831
and for information regarding medals, etc., apply to: The Army Medal Office, Worcester Road, Droitwich, England.

Paul Gili (Australia)

Thanks Paul, for sharing your knowledge with our visitors. — webmaster

Seeking Comrades: DICKENS Henry
picture to follow
Nationality: British
Years of Service at Malta: 1938 – 1944
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery, 7th HAA Regt. / 10th Battery ,
Rank: Gunner
Stationed at: Fort Manoel (and Tigne Barracks)
Posted by (and date): Keith Dickens his son (3-May-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

Both my father and his mate George [Nolan] used Tony's bar in Sliema as their main drinking place but my father was put on a charge when caught drinking there with George by the BSM [Batallion Sgt. Major] as when George first arrived in Malta he was only sixteen and was to young to drink but old enough to die for his country.

Also, when I last took them back in 1999 they, in one afternoon, finished off a crate of Blue Label [local ale] … so what were they like in their young days when in their 80's they can polish off a crate of Blue Label ?!!!

Seeking Comrades: NOLAN George
picture to follow
Nationality: British
Years of Service at Malta: 1939 – 1944
Regiment-Company: Royal Artillery, 7th HAA Regt. / 10th Battery ,
Rank: Gunner
Stationed at: Fort Manoel (and Tigne Barracks)
Posted by (and date): Keith Dickens George’s friend (3-May-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

Please refer to Henry Dickens’ listing above.

Seeking Information about: BORG Roger
(emigr. Austr: 1949 – d: 1986)

Nationality: Maltese
Years of Service at Malta: 1939 – 1945
Regiment-Company: Royal Malta Artillery (R.M.A.) ,
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at: Delimara AA station
Posted by (and date): Joe Borg his son (5-July-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact locations of dad’s unit, but do know he was in Delimara plus a couple of other places. He also, I believe, worked for a short time at the Main Guard, in Valetta, after the end of the war before he was discharged.

My Dad went to Australia in 1949, and was in the Sydney suburbs of Pendle Hill and Blacktown, where he did a lot of work for the Maltese communities and assisted with many legal and domestic situations. Dad passed away in June of 1986, and his funeral was attended by hundreds of people. I travelled from my new homeland of Canada to Australia for the sad occasion, and was so proud of the many people who attended to pay their love and respect to this great man who I miss so very much.

Perhaps there is someone reading this who may have know my dad during the war, or in all those years in Australia.

One short and great story I did hear about his service days was that while he was in charge of a Anti-Aircraft battery, his superior, a Maltese with part Italian Parentage, instructed him not to shoot at Italian planes!! Dad promptly smacked him in the mouth, and disobeyed, and was given a very light punishment of some 6 hours without pay. He then returned to his post, and proceeded to hit one of the first planes to attack that area. The silk from the pilots parachute was made into a lovely baptismal outfit for me when I was born in 1944, and is still used in our family as a tradition.

Thank you for your time, help, and I hope you enjoyed my little story.

Seeking Information about: MORRIS Edward

Nationality: English
Years of Service at Malta: 1900 – 1908
Regiment-Company: Royal Garrison Artillery (R.G.A.), East,
Rank: Sergeant
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): David J. Morris his grandson (15-July-2004)
Submitter's Comments:

Seeking Information about: MAXWELL-ANDERSON, Sir Maxwell Hendry
Nationality: British
Years of Service at Malta: 1939 – 1945
Regiment-Company: in the service of HE the Governor
Rank: Captain (E)
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Lew Jones, a distant relative
Submitter's Comments:

I would be very interested to know the history of this person whilst he was serving in Malta in WW2.

Here is the information that's available:

Resided at "Villa Gloria", Ta' Xbiex, Malta.
United Service Club and Union Club (Malta).
His wife's name was Lady Mildred Florence (Hughes-Jones).
One of my questions: Was Captain Maxwell-Anderson buried in Malta?
He died on 9th June 1951 — Malta??
Lew Jones (Brisbane, Australia)

Seeking Information about: SMEETON, Edgar Percy (b: 1888)

Nationality: British
Years of Service at Malta: 1913 – 1926(?)
Regiment-Company: Royal Navy (Home Fleet and Submarines),
Rank: ret'd as Lieutenant Commander (E)
Stationed at:
Posted by (and date): Rosalind Smeeton his grand daughter
Submitter's Comments:

Edgar P.Smeeton served on a number of ships and subs, amongst which were the following:

"Victory", "Concord", "Platypus", "Dolphin", "Titania", "Marlborough", "Iron Duke", "Queen Elizabeth", "Britannia", "Effingham", "Harebell" and "Caledonia".

He married Adelaide Jenny PITTET, in Valetta, Malta, on the 2nd June 1913 at St.Paul's Anglican Cathedral.

Witnesses at the wedding were Robert DUNLOP and Robert Charles BATES. (I have no information on either of these people and would love to trace their families).