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Maltese Folk Music

book review

uploaded 20-Sept-2006

Ruben Zahra's book A Guide to Maltese Folk Music is an interesting piece of work that brings to life our musical instruments of old, masterly reconstructed following historical research as well as first-hand knowledge from the last-surviving exponents of the art.  

In this review-article, we are giving a taste of several musical tracks found in the book's accompanying CD; some played by Zahra's ensamble, Nafra, some reproduced from authentic vintage recordings. More that that, however, we bring you a few, full sized pages for our visitors to learn more about our cultural heritage.

This website would like to thank, publicly, Ruben Zahra's sponsors, without whose support this knowledge could not have been shared, as well as the author's father, Trevor Zahra, whose illustrations gave life to the publication, and to our good friends and folklore researchers, Steve Borg and Guzi Gatt, amongst others.

Walking around Malta

walking shoes on

uploaded 13-Dec-2005

The South of Malta

The section known as Your Walk Around the Maltese Islands has been added with a new page dedicated to Malta's Southern Region.

The new page, entitled Marsa to Marsaxlokk groups information and photographs about the whole area, as well as providing links to pages concentrating on specific villages. As one would imagine, this section will expand as more individual pages are added in time.

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Update Newsletter was uploaded on 07-June-2005

Street Hawkers

for students/researchers

uploaded 06-June-2005

Il-Bejjiegha tat-Toroq

This article marks the beginning of a new section in our website; one that deals with Maltese Traditions from older and more recent periods.   More specifically, this deals with trades and crafts from Malta's past. More such articles will be added for the benefit of students' research and of those who may be interested in our heritage.

You will find two versions here; "Street Hawkers", in the English language, and "Il-Bejjiegha tat-Toroq" , in Maltese.   This a short story written by Maltese author, Charles Casha, by whose kind permission we reproduce it.

SENATE Freight Services


uploaded 14-Febr-2005

SENATE Freight Services Ltd is a new venture in my career and a crossroads in my life.

I would be ever so grateful if you can have a look at this new website and tell everyone you know about it too, because this new company needs international exposure and I am depending on you — my friends — to help me where you can.

The concept of this Maltese freight forwarding company is explained in its website and one of the services covered is international household removals, so if you know anyone moving to or from Malta, please drop us a line.   Thanks. Steve.

Project Photos
for students/researchers

uploaded 18-Jan-2005

School Projects? Need photos or information?   Try searching through this page entitled: Project Photos, which will be updated over and over so you should have more material to work with.

You should also not forget to visit our Portraits of a Nation page, which also provides photos, in larger format, about different locations in the Maltese Islands.

Surrender of the Italian Fleet
Malta 1943

uploaded 01-Aug-2004

"It was a majestic and pathetic sight to see that line astern formation cruising within easy view of Malta, the little isle that they sought to smash into oblivion."   So were Sgt. Barker's feelings as his unit neared the approaching Italian Fleet off Delimara Bay.

As the "fussy little tug" he was on, the 'Jaunty', approached the mighty warships, Sgt. Barker recalls, "at that moment I pondered - where is that magnificent battle fleet we had lying in the harbour for the past month and had since hurriedly put to sea? - Surely I reasoned, this was just the job for such a fleet."

The "Surrender of the Italian Fleet" at Malta in 1943 is yet another captivating, first-hand account from the man who gave us the WW2 Malta Diary (1941-1943), RAF Sergeant Thomas Barker.   It is both a worthwhile record and an entertaining read.

Summer time in Malta is
FESTA time

Ah yes, the Maltese Festa!   Here are but a few photos of the celebrations held at the parish of the Madonna of the Sacro Cuor in Sliema.

This is one of those pages showing larger format photos, i.e. Your Window onto the Maltese Islands, though in this case it serves a dual purpose; telling a little about what goes on in a Maltese festa.

There is more to read about colourful Maltese feasts in another page (see Steve Borg's Te Deum Time).

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Without any hesitation I would say that keeping this website going is quite a strain. The work is never completed; there is always something else to rush to before you've finished what's at hand.

Here, I wish to thank my contributors, who send me material from time to time, either in the form of an article or facts that need to be built into one, photos and postings for the website's notice boards (Stationed at Malta, or Family Searches).   And I sincerely apologize to those whose articles are still in the pipeline, as my resources are limited indeed while the demands on my time are quite hefty.

Anyway, this is me and I'm very pleased to be meeting you at long last.   If you wish to check out who Steve Farrugia is, just click here.   Is-sliem.

RAF Sgt. Thomas Barker
WW2 Malta Diary

click for our article
uploaded: 24-Mar-2004
updated weekly

featured in:

Thomas Barker's Wartime Diary, painstakingly transcribed by his son Lawrence Barker, complete with exclusive WW2 Malta photographs, is an article that will interest many who hold this subject and country at heart.

Sgt. Barker's diary was not written with the intention of being published. His daily entries were, in fact, personal notes; subjective expressions depicting his ill feelings as the tide of war turned against the Allies and, later, his hopes as the enemy yielded and the war in the Med was won.

This work may stir some controversy if not read with maturity and understood in the right context. It is, however, a live testimony that could not be edited for the sake of preservation of history.

Joe Mallia's

updated: 27-Feb-2004

This is the first part of Joe Mallia's private collection of memorabilia.   We plan to extend this page as we have more of Joe's old photos (naval and football pictures), old books and other stuff still to be uploaded.

my-malta.com encourages contributions of this kind, so people may share in each other's wealth of such antiques, which would otherwise be hidden away in some drawer, unappreciated by the rest of us.

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